How to Screen Mirroring your Tablet or Smartphone to the TV with a Roku

Screen Mirroring

The latest generation of Roku like Roku2, Roku 3, and Roku streaming stick support Screen Mirroring. Furthermore, this permits Android and Windows users to quickly reflect the content that is on their smartphone or PC to their TV. Let’s discuss how to set it up:

Screen Mirroring On your Roku

First, you enable Screen Mirroring on your Roku Com Link device. Furthermore, this can be accomplished by clicking on Settings, supported by Screen Mirroring.

On Android

Before we jump right in, then that is necessary your Android device is running version 4.4.2. Moreover, you can verify this by moving to Settings and clicking about.
Additionally, your device must also be attached to the equal network as your Roku. You can verify the network your Roku is attached to in the network segment of the settings list.

To start mirroring on a stock Android device,

  • First, move to Settings,
  • Now click Display, followed by Cast Screen.
  • Then hit the Menu key in that is located in the head right corner of the screen
  • Afterward, check the Enable Wireless Display box.
  • Besides this, your Roku should now display in the Cast Screen section.
  • If it does not appear on your cast screen, back out to the Settings and reopen Cast Screen.
  • Additionally, if you recognize your Roku box or stick seem on the screen, just hit on it to attach.
  • Now you are able to watch whatever you want that will display on your TV.

Some Android apps like Youtube, Netflix, and HBO Go can also be projected on your screen, related to how the Chromecast runs. Just hit the cast icon and choose your Roku box or stick.

On Windows Phone

Simply choose Windows Phone devices, like HTC One M8 Windows Phone edition and Nokia Lumia 1520 support Miracast, the regular Roku uses for screen sharing. Under compatible device, move to Settings, navigate to Project My Screen and choose your Roku device to start screen sharing.

On Windows 8.1 devices

Roku screen splitting trait is also cooperative with Windows 8.1 tablets as well as computers. Moreover, to set it up, go to Settings, the sound on PC and Devices, supported by Devices, and then you need to Add Device. Moreover, if your Roku seems on the drop-down menu, hit on it to attach.


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