Do You Want to Manage or Cancel a Roku Channels Subscription?

Roku Channels Subscription

Roku is a fabulous video streaming device, with the Roku device you can watch unlimited entertainment channels, like movies, music, news, games, and much more. In the Roku device, you can add and remove channels as your wish. Some channels on the Roku are free and some are paid subscription. So here we will talk to about how to manage or cancel a Roku Channels Subscription.

For the adding the paid channels, you need a Roku account to pay the payment. The payment process linked to your account. Roku account provides you to the purchase subscriptions to channels for preferred services through the Roku Channel Store.

The important thing of Roku account, you can easily manage and cancel your subscriptions. By the Roku account, you can pay your channel payment online. If you have a paid for the channel subscription that is not charged to your Roku account, please contact that service provider directly.

How to Manage & cancel Roku Channels Subscription From your Roku streaming device

  • To open the home screen click the home button from your Remote
  • The channel subscription
  • The options are settled down for a subscription channel in one of the following steps.

From your channel list

  1. First to open the home screen Select Home.
  2. To highlight a channel subscription click the arrow keys on your remote.
  3. Click the Star button on your remote.

From the Channel Store

  • Scroll the Streaming Channels list and select the channel
  • For a subscription, channel Scan a category or genre or search
  • By using the remote click the Ok button.

After accessing the options, decide Manage subscription to observe the restoration date and access further options.

If you want to remove or cancel subscribe channels go to Cancel subscription and choose which channels you want to remove.

From the Web
  1. By using the computer or smartphone First, go to
  2. Sign in your Roku account.
  3. Tap on Manage subscriptions.

After loading the “My Subscriptions” page you can get all your channel subscriptions information like terms, status, and date of every subscription channels. Here you can find that channels which purchased directly from the service.


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