Roku streaming stick

How to setup Roku streaming stick?

Have you bought the Roku streaming stick from the market? Before you start using, read this blog to activate the account as well as setup of the device. Roku Streaming Stick is one of the high-grade models that instantly plug into the port of your Home TV. It is the only products that you can be used at any place and carry it in your pocket as well. Moreover, it has all the features of Roku streaming player.Before account activation, you have to setup Roku streaming stick with your home TV.

Let us discuss how to set up Roku Streaming Stick-

In the very first step, open your brand-new streaming player box and review all the essential things such as the streaming stick, power adapter, Roku remote and power batteries. Further, connect it to the TV. For this, embed power adapter into the end of the stick then insert streaming stick into the back of your home TV. Afterward, plug in power adapter into the wall outlet and switch on the power. Startup screen will appear and select a language for text input. Then after that give the internet connection wired or wireless. Select network name and enter username as well as password over the screen. Wait until the software update takes place and your device will automatically restart. After the device will get restarts, the unique Roku code will appear on the screen. Finally, you can stream on your Roku Streaming Stick by using account.

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