How to adjust the volume using the night listening mode

night listening mode

Different streaming content has the wide range of sounds. Roku offers you an audio feature that allows you to watch your streaming content without disturbing the other nearby people. Moreover, this feature is called night listening mode.


night listening mode

Before using the night listening mode:

  • You can use night listening only one condition if your TV connected through the HDMI cable
  • Furthermore, you can use night listening  on stereo
Guidance to enable night listening mode:

You can enable this feature from the settings menu.

  • Press Home button on your Roku remote control
  • Moreover, find “Settings” option from the Roku screen
  • Further, you have to select “Audio”
  • Afterward, choose “Night listening mode” to enable night listening
  • At last, simply press on “OK” button on your remote control to confirm your selection

How to enable night listening mode during the playback?

You can enable night listening during your playback. Simply access the options menu first. Further, you need to press * button on your remote during the playback. Afterward, you have to select “On” or “Off” to enable private listening mode.For more information about Streaming player


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