Roku Paid Channels

Roku paid channel

Roku Paid Channels are those channels which you can install according to your desires. The payment for those Paid Channels can be done with the payment method such as credit cards, PayPal and much more. Apart from this, if you want to experience a trial period of paid channel you are also able to do it. If you enjoy and like paid channel,  you can buy it later.

Roku Paid Channels

Some of the Roku Paid Channels are listing below
  • Neon Party Games (H2CLHP)
  • iTunes Podcasts (IDPC)
  • FilmOn (NMEVA)
  • SaveUr Magazine (SaveUr)
  • TelevisionShopping (TVS)
  • CowBoy Classics (cowBoy)
  • My Channels (My Channels)
  • Popular Science (Popular Science)
  • Capital TV (Capitaltv)
  • Update My Channels (UpdateMyChannels)
  • Neon Party Games (H2CLHP):

This channel offers a full selection of games and those games can easily play by many users with your Roku box. Moreover, this channel produces the result in the same sense you expect.

  • iTunes Podcasts (IDPC):

This channel allows you to listen and add music from entire iTunes Podcast Directory directly from your Roku.

  • FilmOn (NMEVA):

This channel is based on the internet. It allows you to watch online videos, movies according to your choice at any time.

  • SaveUr Magazine (SaveUr):

If you are foody or if you love to cook different-different food then this channel is very much beneficial for you. Furthermore, this channel contains the information about recipes, cooking tips, travel food and much more. Moreover, games channel are one of the best entertainment sources for kids, men woman and anyone so Roku streaming devices have games channel.

  • TelevisionShopping (TVS):

This channel is very useful these days. Moreover, This shows you images of the products like outfits, cosmetics, shoes, electronic appliances and much more. With the help of this channel, you can easily see things online and then place an order accordingly.

  • CowBoy Classics (cowBoy):

This channel brings the information about 10 Gallon Hats and Sporting Spurs.

  • My Channels (My Channels):

This channel is slightly different among all other channels. Afterward, this channel helps you to organize your Roku channel list in a proper manner. This also allows you to add to set the channel to your favorites.

  • Popular Science (Popular Science):

This channel shows you the information about the popularity that can happen ever and also about the latest news.

  • Capital TV (Capitaltv):

This provides with the live stream TV channels and also provides you with the 24*7 music.

  • Update My Channels (UpdateMyChannels):

This channel is very much useful for you. If you can install many things on your Roku device then it allows managing your channel information.

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